the ChiFlow Program
Where water flows,
plant grows.
When your chi flows,
your health glows.
Is your chi flowing, or is it blocked?
How strong is your chi?
Do you want to heal yourself of bodily ailments?
Do you need to de-stress and enjoy more peace?
Do you want a better quality of life and longevity?

"When the subtle energy (chi) moves in the body, gross manifestations such as blood also move. Conversely, if the subtle energy becomes imbalanced or its movement is impeded, the balance of the glandular secretions and the circulation of the vital fluids in the body are impacted. The adage, flowing water does not decay, underscores a vital principle which applies to energy."

"This is the most fundamental principle of integral medicine and is the key to maintaining holistic health. When energy and blood stagnates, diseases appear. "

The Chi phenomena has already been proven by science through Kirlian Photography. Scientists call it the "phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges".

Healthy living organisms are shown to emit a bright corona, while diseased or dead organisms have little or no corona. The ancient sages already knew and spoke about the energy field, or Chi, surrounding and permeating all living things.

The ChiFlow Program
Probably the most complete holistic self-care and self-healing program around
ChiFlow Exercise
Remove internal blockages, develop chi, tone and strengthen, and heal from bodily ailments
ChiFlow Meditation
Develop deeper chi awareness, circulate and enhance chi, enhance creativity, achieve deeper holistic self-healing and mental peace
ChiFlow Therapy
One-to-one instruction on the above, including dietary and physical adjustments
Benefits of the ChiFlow Program
  • Enhanced physical health and stamina
  • Improved mental health and stamina
  • Open up our awareness to nature's energy
  • Self-heal from various ailments and body aches
Raymond Chong, creator of the ChiFlow Care Program

A practitioner of QiGong, Taiji, Yoga, Meditation and Energy Healing for over 30 years, and instructor for the last 10 years. The ChiFlow Care Program ("ChiFlow Program") is a comprehensive self-care and self-healing program suitable for people of all ages and walks of life.

Your health is your greatest wealth; without
good health, you cannot attain fulfilment in life!

Contact us to find out more about what the
ChiFlow Program can do for you.

(Customised programs available for Clubs,
Associations and Institutions.)

Phone: +65 9875 6573 (SMS or Whatsapp msg only)
I would like to record my thanks to Raymond for his guidance on the Chi Flow Self-healing techniques. I had issues of bloatedness and requested for his help on healing. He invited me to his ChiFlow class the same day. After just one session, the pain sensation dissipated. But then it turned into a headache and some general discomfort. Raymond then further guided me on his self-healing techniques and I managed to recover in a day. It was pretty amazing and I feel so thankful to Raymond.
Lecturer, 2019
The immediate benefits of the Chiflow program is how focused and aware I became of the environment around me. The kind of clarity is almost surreal, like I've detached myself from this physical world and now observing life on it. When we are constantly immersed with having all our senses engaged with smart devices, it simply drains the body of the energy that even sleep won't fully replenish. The practice of the ChiFlow helped me break through this vicious cycle to improve my well-being. It is amazing what focused breathing can do! It brings us to the centre of our bodies where self-healing begins. Thank you, Raymond, for the precious guidance!
Consultant, 2019
I had always wanted to learn Qi Gong for the longest time. Qi Gong was supposed to increase your inner strength for fighting and self-defense, like in the Chinese Gongfu movies of old. Till I met Raymond Chong in March 2019. He shared with us how ChiFlow helps us improve our well being and self heal from ailments without the need for the aggressive elements. Since I started the exercise program, I feel more energetic and focused in my work. While practicing ChiFlow, I can feel my hands tingling with chi movements. Recently, after about 3 months of practise, I saw light rays emitting through my fingers while practicing, as Raymond had explained it would. I was really excited by the experience. Come join us to realise the ChiFlow experience for yourself!
Real Estate Agent, 2019
After attending my third ChiFlow session, I have regained my strength, got lower blood pressure and able to concentrate more with my research projects. The breathing exercises have enhanced my creativity and critical thinking. It was also my first time to experience the power of the "chi"; it is a very rejuvenating process. I am very grateful to have met Raymond and be introduced in this valuable program. I highly recommend the ChiFlow program for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Try it!
Architect and Research Fellow, 2019
I've practiced Chi exercises but never experienced Chi. That changed when I joined the ChiFlow Program a few weeks ago. With Raymond's guidance and the easy to follow routines, I experienced the activation and flow of nature's Chi circulating through my body's meridians. I could even see the Chi pulsing at my fingertips - an amazing experience! The ChiFlow Program has gradually strengthened my immunity and I am energised!
"气运动"曾接触却始终一知半覚。一直到几个星期前叁加了ChiFlow Program 的运动。多次在老师的引导下,看似简单的运动,却能引接自然界的气在自身经络里流动。我什至能看到"气"在指逢间流动,很驚呀!通过这运动,逐渐增强了我的免疫力。加油!
Art Teacher, 2018
Blessings and thank you for your time, wonderful patient kindness and generous sharing of your knowledge! I know my health and fitness has improved tremendously. I'm still working on mental health but I'm aware that I'm much better now than I was 3 months ago. Just wanted to say thank you!
Zhen Shi Ni
Retiree, 2018
ChiFlow Exercise has enabled me to feel and understand my body more. I had chronic knee pain after undergoing an open heart surgery in Jan 2016. A month after doing ChiFlow exercises (Oct 2017), the pain in my knee is greatly relieved, and I am able to take long walks again. The exercises has also helped me to feel energised and to enjoy my life more. Somehow I feel that I could communicate with my body to nurture and heal it. It's an awesome feeling to be in control.
Retired Teacher, 2017
Raymond is a rare practitioner of qigong and yoga practices who have distilled the best practices of Chi and ChiFlow for the English-speaking audience. The ChiFlow Program enables practitioners to develop and channel their chi, nature's energy or life force, for health and mental wellness and balance. The Program, which includes meditation techniques, allows participants to develop sensitivity to, and mastery of, chi. A seemingly mysterious experience which is at the same time marvelous and rewarding.
Retiree, 2017
Raymond is a very dedicated instructor and passionate about promoting the ChiFlow Program. Amazingly, I can feel my own Chi after about 2 to 3 months of practicing the easy-to-follow exercises. I was also amazed to feel the Chi when Raymond did a Chi transfer when I was unwell. I feel energized by ChiFlow exercises and always look forward to the sessions.
IT Consultant, 2017
Everyone must take this journey. Raymond taught me how to clear my meridians, gather the Chi, and with the Chi in my hands, heal myself. This experience is great.
Dr Ang PL
Healthcare, 2017
ChiFlow has tremendously improved the flow of energy in my body. I feel lighter, more supple, my mood has improved and I can walk faster. Less aches and pains, too!
Retired Accounts Executive, 2017
ChiFlow is a unique blend of effective Qigong exercises. Raymond has tailored the wellness routine to the students' needs, through specific exercises and mental concentration, making ancient Chinese wisdom accessible to the English-speaking community. Recommended for people who wish to improve their health and who would like to have personal guidance in doing so.
Business Owner, 2017
Thanks, Raymond, for showing your concern for each of us regarding our health. Undoubtedly, the ChiFlow Program is beneficial provided it is practised diligently. The exercises suit me as they are not overly strenuous or tiring. I wish for my meridians to be cleared of blockages so that I could have better chi flow. I'm happy to meet you and my fellow students at the exercise sessions where all of you also share tips on acquiring better health and being positive.
Retired School Teacher, 2017
Thanks to ChiFlow, I have improved my health and stamina, and I can now feel and even see my own energy.
Business Owner, 2017
My health has improved with the ChiFlow program. I can now feel the chi in my hands everytime I do the exercises!
Business Owner, 2017
I look forward to the daily ChiFlow exercises as it has helped me to be more energetic and feel warmer.
Dental Assistant, 2017
I have been attending ChiFlow classes for about 4 months, and it helped me gain energy throughout the day. Try it and you can see the difference!
Marketing Professional, 2017
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